Budweiser lost large sums of money on its politically correct advertisement featuring a transgender person. Now they want to repair the damage, with a new, over-patriotic film that pays tribute to “The American Spirit”.

In an attempt to score politically correct points, the popular beer brand Budweiser launched an advertising campaign featuring well-known transgender Dylan Mulvaney:

This turned out to be a huge failure. The very last thing the beer-drinking American public wanted to be identified with was a figure like this.

Fria Tider now describes the next chapter in this rather special marketing series. Now the beer producer is instead moving into the borderland of parody, to sweeten the bedrock of its customer base:

Budweiser is reported to have lost billions on its politically correct transvestite campaign.

Now the beer manufacturer has released an almost parodic patriotic commercial that instead celebrates “the American spirit”, reports the New York Post.

Sales of Bud Light, America’s most popular beer, plummeted after Budweiser ran an ad campaign featuring Tiktok transvestite Dylan Mulvaney celebrating “365 days as a woman.”

American bar owners quickly reported that almost all customers who normally order Bud Light started drinking something else instead. They didn’t want to be part of a politically correct trans family.

In the American market, the billions quickly racked up when sales dropped by a few percent.

So Budweiser put on the brakes, and took urgent action to limit the damage. They realised that the misjudgment about the trans person was a total failure.

So, in record time, they have launched an almost overly-patriotic commercial which is obviously intended to appeal to traditional Budweiser customers. Look, we’re still your good, old, traditional American beer brand.

“This is a story that is bigger than beer. It’s the story of the American spirit,” declares the narrator in the film.

Here, all the patriotic clichés are in place, with the Wild West, cowboys and tough men with feelings deep inside. All that’s missing is John Wayne and Chuck Norris stopping by.

Fria Tider describes the new advertisement as follows:

The video shows how a horse passes some of the most iconic American landmarks, but also typically American small towns and fields.

In addition, a man and a woman are shown raising an American flag. The woman puts her hand over her heart.

Here is the new film (duration one minute).

This almost panic-stricken rescue operation for the beer brand has not gone unnoticed by the public.

In the comments on social media, Budweiser is almost mocked for the sentimental, almost parodic commercial. Many say that the damage to the trademark has already been done, and that more than this is required to put it right again.

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