The TV channel CNN Brasil has gained access to videos from the surveillance cameras during the storming of the Planalto Palace on 8 January this year. They show how newly elected President Lula’s security forces opened the palace, then retreated and even gave the vandals refreshments. We also see Lula’s security chief and confidante for many years, General Marcos Gonçalves Dias, calmly walking through the palace while the vandals are wreaking havoc.

The evidence is not of interest to the Supreme Court

For more than three months, Supreme Court judge Alexandre de Moraes has steadfastly refused to review the footage from the surveillance cameras at the presidential palace.

The footage could have been used to identify those of the activists who had behaved violently, but it does not seem to be of interest to the judge whether the protesters were violent or not, for him they are all “terrorists” and “coup plotters”.

Heads are rolling. General Gonçalves Dias resigned after he was confronted with footage showing him walking with “rebels” just metres away from the presidential office. Minutes later, the same camera captured military officers welcoming insurgents and handing out water.

Gonçalves Dias denies that he collaborated with the protesters.

To compare my behaviour with the major distributing water to the protesters is absurd. I stepped in to make arrests.

Bolsonaro’s party wants the matter investigated

Bolsonaro’s Partido Social Liberal has used the footage to once again call for a parliamentary inquiry into the incident:

We need transparency if we are to be able to identify the real culprits.

Absurd conspiracy theories

Lula’s minister Alexandre Padilha has said that the current government supports an inquiry:

These recordings have created a new political situation, causing those who tried to sweep the terrorist acts of January 8 under the rug, to create absurd conspiracy theories that have the victims of the terrorist acts being responsible for these terrorist acts.

From the very beginning, rumours have circulated that the Brazilian version of “Stormen på Kongressen” was staged by Lula’s provocateurs. The American orgy of violence simply did not suit the peaceful protests of Bolsonaro’s supporters.

“Killer Arguments”

Those who dared to question the official version of the storming of the presidential palace have been met with the counter arguments of “conspiracy theorists” and “enemies of democracy”. Now CNN, of all people, has revealed Lula.

After the “uprising”, 1159 prisoners were brought to the federal prison in Brasilia on charges of “terrorism”. In the article below, an ordinary conservative Brazilian gives his version of what happened on Sunday, January 8; what trap they were lured into and the conditions in what he describes as a “concentration camp” where Lula has placed his political prisoners.

It was a giant trap that was set up for law-abiding citizens fighting for freedom, clean elections and our beloved Brazil. We are Brazilians and we were betrayed by those who should be defending us. We did not go to destroy, we are peaceful Christians, elderly, women, men, children, indigenous people – in short, decent, law-abiding people.


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