The race is dead even between Tonje Brenna and Hadia Tajik, but Ap voters see no obvious successor for Jonas Gahr Støre as party leader.

This is shown by a Vårt Land survey.

Half of the 121 Ap voters who were asked, answered “don’t know”.

Among Ap voters who have an opinion, there is a dead even race between Tonje Brenna and Hadia Tajik, who are mentioned by 25.9 and 25.7 percent respectively.

Hot on the heels of the two front runners is Trond Giske, who has 19 percent.

Among all those asked in the survey by Vårt Land, with not only Ap voters, a large proportion look to Trond Giske rather than each of the two female Ap leaders.

It is worth noting that ex-deputy leader Giske is supported by such a large proportion of Ap and the general population, says Mads Motrøen in Norstat.

– Absolutely. And it is an additional guarantee that we have asked the question completely openly without alternative answers, he says.

The contrast is great in the survey between the trio Brenna, Tajik and Giske and the rest of the field in Ap.

Norstat’s survey for Vårt Land and Dagbladet also offers other interesting figures about Trond Giske, who today leads Nidaro’s Social Democratic Forum – Ap largest local team.

The answers may indicate that Ap is regionally divided on how important Giske is to the party. That is among all Norwegian voters, not just Ap’s. Giske has his strongholds in central and northern Norway. In Oslo, on the other hand, there is little love found.

Outside the capital, Giske’s numbers are not too bad compared to Hadia Tajik and Tonje Brenna’s. Over the population as a whole, he is clearly more popular with a larger proportion of men than women, who support him, should he become Ap’s next party leader.

Giske is also mentioned by the largest proportion of Frp voters in the survey: 20 percent of them think Giske should succeed Støre.

– I think they mean it when their answers are that Trond Giske should become party leader in Ap, They are not answering strategically, but like him, says Mads Motrøen.

Hadia Tajik, on the other hand, is the favourite of the largest proportion of KrF and SV voters, while Tonje Brenna, on the other hand, is supported by the majority of Venstre’s voters.

However, in a few weeks, Jonas Gahr Støre will be welcomed into the new term as party leader in a crisis-stricken Labor Party, and time will tell what will happen next.

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