In the Swedish city of Borås, they wanted to make a film to market the municipality. But now the finished film must be removed, as activists believe it shows too many white residents.

The Swedish municipality of Borås is located a little east of Gothenburg and is part of Borås municipality. Here, the local authorities made a small film to market the municipality.

The film shows, among other things, ordinary residents of the municipality and what they do in their everyday lives.

This was thought to be all well and good, until some left-wing journalists in the local newspaper saw the film. Then the trouble started.

They thought there were too many white people in the film, i.e. ordinary Swedes. There was too little “diversity”.

Fria Tider reports on the case.

The city of Borås has completely removed a commercial that was supposed to market the municipality. This is after pressure from the local left-wing newspaper Borås Tidning, which believes that too many white people are seen in the video, the newspaper writes.

Free hours continue:

The video, produced by the municipal company Borås TME, depicts ordinary Swedes in Borås who engage in everyday tasks.

“But not a single person shown in the picture appears to have an ethnic background other than Swedish”, complains Borås Tidning in an article on Friday.

The local newspaper has put those responsible for the film to task and demanded answers as to how something like this could happen:

Finally, Borås Tidning got hold of Alexandra Pérez Liberg, who is newly appointed marketing manager at Borås TME.

The municipality understands that a big, big mistake has been made by showing white people in advertising for a Swedish city and the marketing manager has consequently taken responsibility:

She now promises penance and improvement.

I understand the criticism and we will deal with it. The film has now been removed from all our platforms until an updated film is available. The new version will contain what is in our mission, i.e. to represent diversity and inclusion, says Alexandra Pérez Liberg to the newspaper.

From now on, there will be other activities in Borås, there will be diversity for all the money in all material from the municipality, it is assured that:

According to Alexandra Pérez Liberg, they also go one step further and look at “other market material” so that “the diversity even there becomes even more clear”.

It should be pointed out that the film with happy, ordinary Swedes did not give a completely representative picture of what Borås stands for in 2023.

The city is largely characterised by immigration, which has led to increasing crime and insecurity.

Document has on several occasions written about serious crime in Borås, it is one of the most talked about Swedish cities in this respect.

Borås also features on the Swedish police’s list of so-called vulnerable areas, in fact two areas in the city are this list of Sweden’s worst areas:

The police’s list reveals: The parts of the city in Borås that are ruled by criminals.

The districts of Hässleholmen and Norrby continue to be considered particularly vulnerable areas, i.e. places where criminals have an impact on those who live there, writes SVT.

So if the newspaper Borås Tidning believes that an honest and realistic film should have been made about the city, criminal immigrant gangs should have been central. But that was hardly what they had in mind with the demand to show more diversity.

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