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The ‘laptop class’ maintains a mental barricade separating them from those responsible for the actual infrastructure of our world.

As a psychiatrist, you can often step out of the bubble you find yourself in. I worked for many years in rural areas and spent a significant number of hours discussing the emotional lives of male and female blue-collar workers. That was when I learned most of our patients don’t have psychological problems — they have […]

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Unveiling Liberal Indoctrination in Therapy Rooms: The Four Toxic Ideas Crippling Mental Health

Psychologists have been commoditized as goods. As Pride Month ends, we must remember that schools aren’t the only centers of liberal indoctrination — therapy is, too. Practitioners of psychological counseling are imposing their liberal worldview on people of all ages in their most vulnerable moments, like shooting fish in a barrel. In 2021, an astonishing 41.7 […]

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Norwegian Illusions: A Warning for Pete Buttigieg’s Infatuation

The country’s ills reveal what happens to the human mind when exposed to social democratic policies for generations. Democratic socialist romantics often justify their views by lifting up the Norwegian system and disregarding socialist-run states like Venezuela, Russia, and Cuba, which have experienced corruption, poor management, poverty, and/or imperialism. Norway, in contrast, is fetishized and exemplified as the […]

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The Dark Side of Norway’s Social Democracy: The Alarming Rise of Disability Claims and Entitlement Culture

It has less to do with supporting the weak and more to do with getting what’s owed. Being a fully-fledged Norwegian patriot who celebrates our national day religiously, the deterioration of the social democracy is painful to behold. Since Norway became wealthy on oil in the ’60s, it’s prided itself on its commitment to the […]

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The Paradoxical Decline of Female Happiness in Egalitarian Norway

If Simone de Beauvoir fantasized her ideal world, it would look much like Norway today. The well-being of women in Norway, perfect egalitarian Norway, is imploding. It’s been exactly 60 years since the rise of second-wave feminism. The results should serve as a stern warning for everyone. For over half a century, one policy to […]

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Sexual Equality Has Created a Great Divide Between Men and Women

In the current climate, saying something like: “People who love each other should get married,” will surely serve you one of the following labels: A silly little girl who hasn’t watched the movie Frozen, a demented 80-year-old who has escaped from his ward. or a Christian fundamentalist. Think for a moment about everything you watched growing up, and the messaging was clear: men want a […]

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