Bjørnar Moxnes and Rødt celebrate ramadan before Easter

Bjørnar Moxnes and Rødt have become religious, and it is of course not Christianity that tempts, but Islam. An unknown lady with an afro hairstyle opens a ramadan video that Rødt posted on his Facebook pages before Easter: – Dear all Muslims in Norway, right now we are marking the opening of Ramadan in Norway, […]

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Inspired by rap, the Koran and Mortensrud

According to NRK, Hamza Hirsi (26) is part of a new wave of Norwegian literature. Hirsi is described by the media as a minority author from Mortensrud in Oslo. The truth is that Hirsi came to Norway from Somalia as a 6-year-old boy, and first lived in Grimstad, before the family moved to Oslo, as […]

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Eddie Van Halen and Johann Sebastian Bach, is there a connection?

At first glance, it may seem strange to look for a kinship between the rock guitarist Eddie Van Halen and the baroque master Johann Sebastian Bach. But an unknown piece by Bach made me think of the recently deceased guitar genius.

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