The war no one can win, but we all can lose

The New York Times reported on Wednesday that “misallocation of forces weakens Ukraine’s counteroffensive.” It’s a subtle admission that the ‘spring offensive’ has failed. Two options remain: Negotiations or further escalation, which would make us all losers. Ukraine’s grinding counteroffensive is struggling to break through entrenched Russian defenses in large part because it has too […]

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Doc-TV International: Dumbocracy

RFK Jr is truly an outlier in today’s politics. US Analyst Charles Ortel and host Geir Furuseth tell you why.

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The endless war in Ukraine

When one asks the foreign supporters of the Ukrainian government how they envision the war ending, the answer is that the Russians should be thrown out. However, we never receive a clear answer on how they intend to do that. The war is supposed to continue ‘as long as it takes.’

This could take a very long time.

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Doc-TV: The flip side of the medal; indoctrination in the therapy room

76 percent of the 2,200 American psychologists who participated in a comprehensive survey state that they are Democrats, while only 7 percent are Republicans. 87 percent admit to discussing political viewpoints in therapy sessions. Hannah believes this affects therapy.

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The left-wing stokes rebellion and hatred against French society.

Two of France’s most renowned intellectuals, Pascal Bruckner and Alain Finkielkraut, argue that the responsibility for France heading towards chaos lies significantly with the left-wing. Bruckner points out that the ultra-left sympathizes with Muslim youths.

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A week in the moral superpower

In the period from 29th July to 4th August, Sweden experienced 8 murders – that is, one per day, amounting to over 300 murders per year. Denmark has about 45 murders per year. It has been a deliberate Swedish policy not to be Swedish anymore but a flourishing landscape of diverse nations, cultures, and languages.

And that is what they got – except that the flowers have long withered.

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Doc-TV News: US Hurricane Season has started, Biden watch out!

Devon Archers testimony in the House Oversight Committee Monday evening, also signals the start of the US Hurricane season. US Analyst Charles Ortel guides us through the implications of the latest revelations from the pile of dirt now emanating from the White House.

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The Bidens profited from Joe’s position as Vice President

Hunter Biden’s friend and business partner Devon Archer kept his promise on Monday and told the House Oversight Committee about the dealings with the Biden family. Joe has said that he knew nothing about Hunter’s business. He has changed that to say he was not involved in them. Both are incorrect, according to Archer.
The case is the opposite: Papa Joe was the commodity the Biden family sold.

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Denmark’s government condemns freedom and submits to Islam

Since when did Nordic ministers begin to regard Muslim countries as friends? Lars Løkke Rasmussen has simply switched sides and is now participating in a jihad against Denmark. He should preferably settle in one of the 57 OIC countries he is so eager to befriend, preferably along with as much of Islam’s fifth column in Denmark as possible. If he needs help packing his suitcase or lacks transportation to Kastrup, he just needs to call.

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Document Specials: Dr. Peter McCullough about mRNA-vaccine death

Dr. Peter McCullough, cardiologist and president of the McCullough Foundation, has yet again experienced censorship as the medical journal The Lancet removed a study written by Dr. McCullough and his colleague, within the first 24 hours of it being published. Dr. McCullough and his colleagues found that 74 percent of 325 autopsies of people who died after covid vaccination, were caused by the vaccine.

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