When the goal is anarchy, it doesn’t matter much to the far left what the outcome of the election is. The left has frightened the French population into believing that there will be a civil war if the right wins. But the left is happy to start a civil war anyway. Even after they have won the most seats.

Here comes Antifa:

The pro-Palestine supporters and immigrants with an agenda aren’t concerned with politics, they’re concerned with vandalism and fighting the police. They have no desire to save the future of France. The country means nothing to them.

The election results in the newspaper Le Monde show the Rassemblement National (RN) in a less than delicate shade of brown:

The electoral pattern of the RN matches quite well the 1975 immigration map of France showing where the North Africans (Arabs) settled. Here we still find their descendants in the 2nd and 3rd generation. In the far southwest, many Spaniards have immigrated.

The parts of the country that are less affected by immigration from Africa and the Middle East maintain their fantasies of multiculturalism. It is particularly in the west that the population still votes far to the left.

The French electoral system is about as undemocratic as the British one. In the UK, 34 percent of the electorate chose to vote for Labour, but Labour won 63 percent of the seats. We have seen how the left in France was able to manipulate the election by tactically creating a collaboration where they drew candidates so that together they could defeat the RN. Without this second round, the RN would have been the largest party.

However, it’s only a matter of time. As Marine Le Pen wrote on X: “We have doubled the number of mandates.” (They got 89 mandates in 2022, editor’s note, and at the time of writing they have 140)


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