Even if the Rassemblement National (RN) were to win the parliamentary elections in France, the rest of the political landscape and other powerful social forces will sabotage the party’s ability to exercise power in government, says French philosopher Michel Onfray.

“The left would rather set the country on fire under the pretext of fighting fascism,” Onfray said Friday in an interview with Le Figaro.

“There are two possible scenarios, not three: Either the RN has an absolute majority, or it has a relative majority. In both cases, the followers of the so-called republican arc – from the communists to the republicans, via the greens, the socialists and the Macronists – will prevent the people’s elected representatives from governing under the pretext of the return of fascism. The public service media will go on strike, as will the national education system and universities, trains and planes will be grounded, fuel depots will be closed, highways will be blocked…

“The result of the EU elections is the French people’s revenge after a long period of abuse of power by the EU,” says the prolific philosopher, who believes this has been going on since the Maastricht Treaty in 1992, culminating in Brussels ignoring France’s ‘no’ to the EU Constitution in a referendum in 2005 – only to recycle essentially the same content in the Lisbon Treaty two years later.

We are finally seeing the return of the downtrodden, a people who since 1992 have been considered negligible – and indeed a nuisance, for they understand that the building of Europe has come at a high price, paid by peoples and nations, by the weakest and most vulnerable. This Europe – strong with the weak and weak with the strong – has been called into question by the weak, who have thus discovered its strength. The “popular front” called for by the divided left, where everyone hates each other, will end up acting as a prop for Macron to prevent the voice of the people, which has resurfaced with the elections, from first being heard and then being able to govern. These people have a rabid hatred of the people.

Onfray lives in the countryside and doesn’t meet anyone who likes the EU.

In my hometown in the department of Orne, I only associate with people who live in the middle of the pot that Europe is slowly cooking them in – craftsmen, shopkeepers, farmers, pensioners, single mothers, etc. They have long been aware that Brussels, and Paris, which perpetuates the violence, is imposing a dictatorship on them that is difficult to resist, because their voices were thrown in the trash when they did not suit the dictatorship’s henchmen.

The French philosopher is very concerned that the far-left party La France Insoumise (LFI), which many on the right consider to be the “Islamic left”, did so well in the EU elections.

On the other hand, I was struck by LFI’s result of around 10 percent. That’s a significant figure for this new form of anti-Semitic, anti-democratic, violent and belligerent left-wing fascism, whose only dream is to set France on fire under the pretext of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
Onfray readily compares Jean-Luc Mélenchon’s crew to the Bolsheviks in 1917 and Mussolini’s blackshirts.

Manon Aubry already outlined the new political landscape on the evening after the EU election result: “The Popular Front or Adolf Hitler” – forgetting in the process that Hitler would probably have voted for Hamas rather than the Popular Front.

The far left longs to throw France into chaos, says Onfray:

Are you worried about La France Insoumise’s high scores? Is this group’s escalation of verbal violence and aggressive behavior a harbinger of confrontations in the country if the RN gets a majority in the National Assembly?

In fact, the LFI is the fire that could explode the gunpowder that Macron and the Maastrichters have been spreading for years. Mélenchon is just waiting for it, he’s just working on that hypothesis: revolutionary chaos and the chance for him to go down in history wearing the patched-up costume of history’s heroes that he holds so dear: Robespierre, Castro or Chávez.

“The LFI can be compared to the left that supported the mullahs’ revolution in Iran in 1979,” says Onfray: “They think they’re using the Muslims, but in reality it’s the Muslims who are using them. When the theocracy was introduced, they were killed,” he recalls.

The political distance between the left and the right in France is so great that it points in the direction of civil war.

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