Upon recognizing Palestine the Norwegian prime minister Jonas Gahr Støre insisted that is was a continuation of the peace diplomacy that Norway has pursued since the Oslo process. But noone can insist upon their own set of facts. Unless one wants to to become irrelevant.

Hamas was quick to flatter Norway for its courage. Recognition was equal to recognition of their fight and Hamas knows it. The Norwegian government does not? It is hard to fathom how they cannot.

The foreign minster, Espen Barth Eide, has pursued an anti-Israel-policy for a long time. Ever since 7. of October. He forbade the royal palace to condole Israel. He ordered Norway to vote for the Jordanian resolution in the plenary session of the UN. Denmark and Sweden did not.

Barth Eide has time after time distinguised himself as anti-Israeli. Under his reign Norway has taken a big step towards becoming an antisemitic country.

This process has been underway for a long time. It grows out of the student radicalism of the 60’s that in Norway became a militant maoist movement wher hating the West and especially Israel was paramount.

This anti-Israel-trend is welcomed by Norway’s vocal Muslim community. Antisemitism is the glue that binds the New Norway together. Norway has ended up in the same place as Tony Blinken and the Biden-regime: Pro-Iran, pro-Hamas, pro-Hizbollah and anti-sunni. That is the new constellation. Israel stands with the sunni-states against Iran and salafists in Europe. They have committed themselves and been taken hostages by the Muslims in Europe. Voluntarily.

Israel has recalled its ambassador. Norway is now left with Hamas, the Palestinian Authority, Qatar and Iran.

It is a most strange situation.



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