According to the teachings of Muhammad, everything in the world is predetermined by a specter named Allah, and the way Islam is going in China, one must conclude that the specter must have grown tired of Muhammad’s pranks. The Chinese communists have decided to solve the Muslim problem “from scratch” (to quote a well-known Danish politician), and there seems to be nothing the local Muslims can do about it. In China, they do as the government commands.

Many have heard of the Muslim Uyghurs in Xinjiang province, who have felt the Communist love for years, with many of them placed in concentration camps. But the Uyghurs are not actually China’s largest Muslim community. It’s the Hui that Sky News Asia correspondent Helen-Ann Smith visited to find out how they are treated.

Not good, if you subscribe to the ideology of Muhamed. The Chinese communists want to “de-Islamize” China. As a result, the authorities have closed hundreds of mosques and removed the characteristic domes and minarets from others.

With the Xi Jinping regime’s decision to “Sinicize” Islam (and religions like Buddhism and Christianity), the regime is doing what it can to eliminate Mohammedan culture.

Children are not allowed to learn Arabic and if you’re under 18, you are absolutely forbidden to appear in a mosque. A Koranic school in the city of Linxia, once called the Mecca of China, used to have over 600 students. Now there are just 60.

In Ningxia province, which on paper was supposed to be an autonomous Muslim area, over 1000 mosques have been closed or demolished.

The situation holds a certain irony, because while the world’s Muslims and their white friends lament Israel’s defensive war against Allah’s faithful warriors in Gaza, they are silent as the grave if anyone points to the fate of their fellow believers in China. Tampering with the communist superpower is not good for your health, and we should hardly expect the Norwegian government to recognize China’s Muslim areas as new states.

The interesting question of the future will be whether Western countries – or some of them – will resort to Chinese methods before they are completely overrun by Allah’s men and have to comply with their commands.

At the moment, politicians do not seem to have the courage or desire to defend indigenous peoples, and this will probably continue until the day they are forcibly evicted and put on trial.

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