During a recent interview on FPÖ TV – reported in GulfInsider on December 5, 2023 – the former head of Germany’s internal security service, the Bundesverfassungsschutz, Hans-Georg Maassen, says that islam is well positioned to conquer Europe. Germany and Austria could well prevent such a development, but choose not to do so.

“A totally different culture is approaching us. We are not prepared for it at all, because we are unable to resolve conflicts by violence, as the family clans of the Arab states do. These people resolve conflicts through violence, while people in Central Europe believe that this can only be done through the courts”, says Maassen, who was head of the Bundesverfassungsschutz in the period 2012-2018.

Furthermore, he states that “the Europeans will succumb to Islam. Partly because they cannot even see that the conflict is approaching, and partly because they are unable to resolve conflicts in the same way [as Muslims]. … The end result will be the gradual destruction of our European cultures.”

According to the former security chief, the Europeans have no clear idea of where they want to go.

“We only live in the moment, and therefore we lose to others who have a religion or ideology and who know where they want to go. … Most Muslims come to us with a totally different awareness of culture, religion and family. In secular Europe, religion and family – if they play a role at all – are a matter for the individual, but in these cultures it is something that is left to the clan.”

According to Hans-Georg Maassen, European politicians and especially the political left deliberately promote mass immigration because they want a different population. The more heterogeneous a population is, the less it will be able to express itself and practice real democracy. When politicians grant citizenship to immigrants, they shift the composition of the electorate, because the foreigners vote differently than the natives.

Maassen says that countries like Germany and Austria have the means to stop immigration, but they have deliberately chosen not to use them. If they wanted to, they could turn people away at the border from one day to the next. The countries could also deport hundreds of thousands of foreigners who do not want to integrate or who commit crimes and live on financial transfers from the state, or ensure that they left voluntarily.

One of the problems is that the countries of departure refuse to take their citizens back, but there is an opportunity for that, believes the former spy chief. You could freeze their foreign debts, prevent their citizens from entering Europe and much more.

“Why don’t we force countries like Italy and Greece to finally do what they should according to the European treaties, namely to provide reasonable border protection? Why do we let these people come to us, feed on them and spend billions on them, while many of the local poor pensioners with a pension of 920 euros after a full working life have to collect bottles?”

A demographic projection by Pew Research shows that Europe’s Muslim population could triple to 76 million by 2050. According to another estimate, Muslims will be in the majority by 2100, and in countries such as Greece, Ireland, France, Belgium and the UK, over three-quarters of the population at that time be Muslim.

From experience, Muslims do not need to be in the majority to take power. A violent segment of e.g. 20 percent is enough for a weak and bewildered state to bow to Mohammedan demands, as we have seen most recently with the Danish Koran law, and in Denmark the Muslim population hardly makes up more than 7 per cent.

Danish parents who choose to bring children into the world must expect that they will live under an Islamic dictatorship before they turn 30. That is, unless the state follows Hans-Georg Maassen’s advice, and there is no indication that the politicians are willing to.

Quite frankly, there is nothing new in Maassen’s considerations. Numerous critics and dissidents have said the same thing over the decades, but they have been slandered, hated and persecuted by the media, pundits, courts, clergy and politicians.

These glorified great powers will not understand that a state which believes that articles of law and conventions are effective weapons against organized thugs and clans must perish.

Or they understand it – which is even more disgusting, if possible.

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