This is Germany all over again. Just as the Nazi brownshirts terrorized Jews and democrats in the 1930s, the country can now boast of Antifa, the so-called “antifascists,” who act as enforcers for globalist elites and regularly attack and intimidate supporters of the immigration-critical party Alternative for Germany (AfD).

The latest victim of left-wing extremist terrorism is AfD’s leader, Tino Chrupalla, who was rushed to the hospital in the southern German city of Ingolstadt yesterday after being attacked by Antifa individuals. According to preliminary information, he was stabbed with a poison needle. A needle was found at the crime scene.

The latest report from AfD indicates that Chrupalla’s condition is more serious than initially thought. According to Petr Bystron, a member of the Bundestag for AfD, the chairman is unconscious. Chrupalla’s co-chair, Alice Weidel, has been in hiding for several days due to death threats.

One of AfD’s candidates, Andreas Jurca, was assaulted in August in Augsburg, and Bundestag member and AfD’s deputy spokesperson in the Bundestag, Beatrix vom Storch, was doused with excrement.

Alternative for Germany currently stands at 23 percent of the national vote, making it Germany’s most popular party. On October 3, a massive demonstration was held in Berlin in support of AfD. As a result, those in power have escalated their attacks on AfD, and authorities are giving the impression that they are considering banning the party.

Germany’s private sector is also participating in the attacks on AfD. Postbank, a subsidiary of Deutsche Bank, has closed Chrupalla’s account on the grounds that he is a member of AfD.

Meanwhile, the federal government is helping to promote mass migration to Europe. A radio station in Genoa reports that there are currently eight German NGO ships in the Mediterranean that are engaged in collecting migrants and transporting them to Italy. These NGOs receive financial support from the German government.

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