Two of France’s most renowned intellectuals, Pascal Bruckner and Alain Finkielkraut, argue that the responsibility for France heading towards chaos lies significantly with the left-wing. Bruckner points out that the ultra-left sympathizes with Muslim youths.

“The rejection of the French state and all its institutions by the youth has been fueled by an inflammatory rhetoric from a rebellious ultra-left that is both anti-Semitic and sympathetic to radical Islamists,” Bruckner states in an interview with Le Figaro.

This trend parallels what happened in the USA, where the Democrats aligned with BLM and Antifa. Supporting policies that openly defunded the police was an invitation to anarchy. Similar developments are observed in France:

“La France Insoumise party and environmental movements on the far left, unable to govern France, prefer to render the country ungovernable.”

Sociologists, journalists, artists, and filmmakers are captivated by the rebellion and do not want to acknowledge their attraction to nihilism.

Bruckner believes that we have witnessed this trend for a long time, including the Yellow Vests movement and protests against pension reforms.

“One cannot release violence with impunity. It is a fire that spreads astonishingly fast. The more we tolerate it, the more conflict becomes the only language. Strike first and talk later.”

We are no longer a nation

Alain Finkielkraut argues that the La France Insoumise party is banking on demographic changes that would allow them to seize power through the votes of new groups.

“We are no longer a people,” he also states to Le Figaro, demanding a slowdown in immigration.

Dissolution follows

At the current rate of population influx, it is only a matter of time before the nation becomes history.

“We must have the courage (and common sense) to say it: If immigration continues at the same pace (more than 500,000 in 2022), living together will be nothing but an illusion. Dissolution will be inevitable,” he says.

It is evident to everyone that what happened was a rebellion against the French state. Former intelligence chief Pierre Brochand has been saying this for a long time.

“If, like former intelligence chief Pierre Brochand, one describes the six days of riots as a rebellion against the French nation-state by a significant portion of non-European origin youth, one is branded a racist by both the media and the cultural elite.”

Yet, Interior Minister Gerard Darmanin conceals who these youths are and refers to them as French. The term encompasses a bitter truth: They may have been born in France, possess French identification, but they hate France.

“Gérald Darmanin is absolutely right: 90 percent of troublemakers have a French ID card. That’s precisely what is serious. They are French individuals who loathe France and, by setting fire to town halls, schools, and police stations, declare war against the country,” says Finkielkraut, concluding that there is little left of the national community.

Suppression and denial

The political class does not wish to confront reality. The left-wing idealizes the youth in the suburbs, and the media ensures that the truth about, for example, how women are treated, does not come to light. France becomes a distorted society.

“Denial is largely responsible for the current situation. It is maintained by the ruling classes and nurtured by the cultural left, which partly dominates the French media,” says the historian.

To get an indication of the prevailing winds, one can inquire about the situation of Jews in France. France had the second-largest diaspora after the USA, with 400,000 Jews.

90 percent of them have been expelled from the suburbs north of Paris. Everyone knows this, but it is pushed far back in people’s consciousness.



Frankrigs venstrefløj anklages for i mange år at have lukket øjnene for virkeligheden i forstæderne

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