When one asks the foreign supporters of the Ukrainian government how they envision the war ending, the answer is that the Russians should be thrown out. However, we never receive a clear answer on how they intend to do that. The war is supposed to continue ‘as long as it takes.’

This could take a very long time. The eagerly awaited Ukrainian spring offensive, which turned out to be a failed summer offensive, has hardly changed the military situation. Everything points to the conflict having settled into a stalemate. Countless soldiers are being sent to the slaughter without any prospect of achieving victory.

Apparently, this suits the American government just fine. President Biden has just requested an additional $24 billion for Ukraine on top of the already allocated $113 billion.

No one really knows exactly what these enormous amounts have been used for, as Ukraine is nearly as corrupt as Russia, and President Volodymyr Zelensky has just fired the heads of regional recruitment offices due to allegations of bribery from men trying to avoid conscription.

The American population is growing weary of this perpetual war, and a recent poll shows that a majority opposes sending more money to the bottomless Ukrainian pit. Now there’s also dissent among Republican members of the House of Representatives. The conservative wing of the Republicans has sent a letter to President Biden with the message that ‘Americans are tired of funding endless wars and want a policy that not only restores fiscal sanity in Washington but also puts America and American citizens first.’ The disgruntled Republicans have also asked the Biden administration to explain its strategy in Ukraine. Even the Republican leader of the House of Representatives, Kevin McCarthy, is in doubt. A spokesperson for McCarthy has announced that a Republican-led House will not rubber-stamp any request for more money for Ukraine.

And so it begins, and in this context, it’s worth remembering how the American war in Vietnam ended. The USA had to withdraw in 1975, leaving the country to the communists – not because the Americans suffered a military defeat (they could have easily continued), but because the American population no longer wanted to be involved.”

Les også

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