Hunter Biden’s friend and business partner Devon Archer kept his promise on Monday and told the House Oversight Committee about the dealings with the Biden family. Joe has said that he knew nothing about Hunter’s business. He has changed that to say he was not involved in them. Both are incorrect, according to Archer.
The case is the opposite: Papa Joe was the commodity the Biden family sold. They sold his position as vice president and directly interfered with anti-corruption work in countries trying to combat corruption: Ukraine and Romania. But the big difference is that they sold themselves to the corrupt. It is a realization and truth so crushing that the Democrats, the White House, the Justice Department, the FBI, and regime media are doing everything they can to prevent the truth from reaching the American people.
But now the pressure is mounting.
First, the special agreement between the Justice Department and Hunter’s lawyers fell apart for Judge Noreika in Wilmington, Delaware, last Wednesday. She discovered a secret clause in paragraph 15 that would have protected Hunter from all future lawsuits. He would have gained full immunity. Papa Joe just laughs and smiles. He didn’t have to worry about his son being taken to court and forced to answer. Noreika threw out the agreement and is scheduling new meetings.
In the meantime, Devon Archer has explained what happened behind the scenes, and Hunter can forget about immunity.
The most damning relates to Ukraine and more specifically the gas company Burisma, owned by oligarch Mykola Zlochevsky. Burisma got into trouble. The company was being investigated by both British authorities and prosecutor general Viktor Shokin.
Obama had appointed Joe Biden as special envoy to Ukraine. That’s who Mykola Zlochevsky went to “fix” the prosecutor general.
It started with Hunter and Archer both getting board positions in Burisma, with a princely salary: $83,000 a month. Neither of them knew anything about energy.
In the meantime, Archer testified about an incident in December 2015 involving Burisma CEO Mykola Zlochevsky and Vadym Pozharski – a leader in the company.
Archer said that Zlochevsky and Pozharski “constantly put pressure on Hunter Biden to get help from D.C.” to get Ukrainian prosecutor Viktor Shokin removed. Shokin was investigating Burisma for corruption.
According to the source, Archer testified that on December 4, 2015, Hunter Biden, Zlochevsky, and Pozharski called “D.C.” to discuss the matter. Archer testified that Biden, Zlochevsky, and Pozharski went away to take the call.
It is unclear whether Hunter and Burisma leaders spoke directly with Joe Biden about the matter.
At the time, however, Joe Biden was responsible for U.S. Ukraine policy for the Obama administration.
A source said Archer testified that just a few days later, on December 9, 2015, Joe Biden went to Ukraine and gave a speech. Biden said during the speech that the government had to fix the Ukrainian prosecutor’s office.
“This is the most revealing aspect of Archer’s testimony and perhaps the most important in our entire investigation so far,” said Jim Jordan, chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, to Fox News Digital.

Biden is not particularly smart. Otherwise, he would never publicly boast that he got the prosecutor general fired who was investigating the company he and his family were milking for millions of dollars. The meeting in the Council of Foreign Relations was on January 23, 2018, well into Trump’s term.
The Bidens left a “paper trail,” as it’s called. Senator Chuck Grassley and Senator Johnson stumbled upon an FBI document from a credible informant, the document is called FD-1023. Here the source says he spoke with Zlochevsky, who told him that the Bidens pressured him to pay $10 million to fire the prosecutor general, $5 million to each of them. The source is considered by the FBI to be highly credible, they have paid him $220,000 for the information he provides.
But this information was for internal use. It would have ruined the president. Grassley and Johnson and the Republicans in the Oversight Committee had to go several rounds before they were allowed to read the document, and then in a redacted form.
But Grassley had an unredacted copy, and it says there that Zlochevsky was crafty: He made sure to record the conversations with the Bidens. He has 15 conversations with Hunter and two with Joe on tape. Where are they?
The FBI has taken on the role of protectors of the Biden family. In American, this is called obstruction of justice. It’s what the Democrats wanted to accuse Trump of after Bob Mueller found no evidence of Russia collusion. The Democrats accuse Trump of the methods they themselves use. The arm of the law has become criminal.
Hunter and Joe’s modus operandi was that Hunter met the clients. To impress them, he called up Joe on speakerphone. This did the trick. This happened at least a couple of dozen times.
Meanwhile, Comer said that Archer testified that Hunter Biden put then-Vice President Joe Biden on the speakerphone during business meetings over 20 times—despite the White House, and Biden himself, denying ever having been in business with Hunter or having ever been involved.
The phone calls and meetings, according to Archer, included a dinner in Paris with a French energy company and in China with Jonathan Li, the CEO of BHR Partners— a joint venture between Rosemont Seneca and Chinese investment firm Bohai Capital. BHR Partners is a Beijing-backed private equity firm controlled by Bank of China Limited.
Archer also testified that then-Vice President Biden had coffee with Jonathan Li, the CEO of BHR, in Beijing. Then-Vice President Biden even wrote a letter of recommendation for college for Li’s daughter.

The Bidens were doing business, and the business model was extortion and corruption. In American, this is called racketeering. You sell the influence you have by virtue of your position, in this case the country’s second highest office.
Biden and the Democrats have had a lot to do with Ukraine. Now they have pumped $140 billion into the country. Where is the money going? There is no audit.
The sanctions against Russian oligarchs are very tough. But not against one that the Bidens have done “business” with, Elena Baturina.
Archer also testified that in the spring of 2014, then-Vice President Biden attended a business dinner with his son, Hunter, and his associates at Café Milano in Washington, D.C. Elena Baturina, a Russian oligarch who is the widow of the former mayor of Moscow, attended the dinner.
“Notably, the Biden Administration’s public sanctions list for Russian oligarchs does not contain Baturina,” Comer’s office said.

There are too many such traces for the Bidens or the media to be able to dismiss them and once the witnesses start talking, the snowball grows.
The whole thing is reminiscent of the rollup of a mafia family.

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