In the period from 29th July to 4th August, Sweden experienced 8 murders – that is, one per day, amounting to over 300 murders per year. Denmark has about 45 murders per year.

During the same period, Sweden had 10 attempted murders, 3 shootings, 4 stabbings, 9 shooting incidents, 5 bomb explosions, and 6 arson attacks.

The Swedish sickness can be traced back to the year 1975 when a unanimous Riksdag (the Swedish parliament) decided that the policy should henceforth be “characterized by an effort to create equality between immigrants and Swedes.” The goal of Swedish policy was no longer to assimilate immigrants but to let them live according to their own cultural backgrounds. Sweden thus officially became multicultural. The Swedish elite was very proud of this – so proud that politicians, media, and cultural personalities often pointed fingers at Denmark for not increasing immigration quickly enough and not adapting to the foreign cultures.

In other words, it has been a deliberate Swedish policy not to be Swedish anymore but a flourishing landscape of diverse nations, cultures, and languages.

And that is what they got – except that the flowers have long withered.

The official multicultural policy resulted in a surge of crime after 1975 because some of the imported cultures were not as peaceful as believed in Stockholm. However, there was nothing to be done about it since all cultures were assumed to be equally good, except for the Swedish one.

From official quarters, the growing dissatisfaction was met with claims that it was due to racism, and for many decades, the “racists” did not get a chance to be heard. The upper class that imposed the wonderful diversity on the submissive Swedish population probably hasn’t regretted it, although they have become more silent as the results begin to show.

What are they going to say, after all? That Sweden is lost, but it’s not their fault because they only wanted the best?”

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