The New York Times reported on Wednesday that “misallocation of forces weakens Ukraine’s counteroffensive.” It’s a subtle admission that the ‘spring offensive’ has failed. Two options remain: Negotiations or further escalation, which would make us all losers.

Ukraine’s grinding counteroffensive is struggling to break through entrenched Russian defenses in large part because it has too many troops, including some of its best combat units, in the wrong places, American and other Western officials say.

Speaking to reporters on a flight to Rome on Sunday, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff in the US, General Milley, said the past two months of the counteroffensive have been “long, bloody and slow.”(New York Times)

The same newspaper had an article a few days ago where they wrote that more than half a million have been killed or injured in the war. It’s impossible for us to verify these numbers, but with a persistent NATO slant, the NYT writes that the Russians have suffered the greatest number of casualties, with close to 300,000 soldiers. However, they do concede that since Russia has a much larger population than Ukraine, the Russians have an advantage. That particular statement is as much of an understatement as it can get.

**War Cry**

Look at the flood of news/propaganda pouring out on all channels, many of which outlets like Document have to reproduce without comment, otherwise it would appear as though we aren’t paying attention. Here are two from the last 24 hours:

“Mainstream Norwegian media, including of course our National News Agency, NTB, fail to put such news in any context that makes sense beyond the usual battle cry: Ukraine will prevail!

Every Ukrainian has the right to hope and shout as they wish, but those of us on the sidelines certainly have a duty to think before we shout. We prolong an unwinnable war, and we must be prepared that we too can lose!

The reality is that Ukraine cannot hope to regain Crimea and the other areas now under Russian control. Feeding this utopian dream not only means more Ukrainians and Russians killed and wounded, but also increases the risk that we could be dragged into the war.

**”Combat pay”**

I don’t understand how otherwise sensible Norwegians, and here I’m not just talking about the previously peace-loving and anti-American left in Norwegian politics, can suddenly cheer for war.

Cheer for Ukraine, sure, but cheering for a war where the former NATO opponent Jens Stoltenberg now sits as Secretary General of a NATO that is no longer a peaceful Atlantic pact meant to protect freedom, but a Western European aggressive military machine standing at Russia’s doorstep, is something entirely different.

This alliance has for over a year and a half led Ukrainians to the horrors of the battlefield. We don’t know how many have lost their lives, nor how many are wounded. A few thousand Ukrainians have come to peaceful Norway, but what about those left behind? How much more blood must be spilled due to Western warmongering on their behalf?

Last week, Tucker Carlson interviewed the leading Democratic candidate for the US presidential election, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. This week, Tucker followed up with another interview with an old warrior few in mainstream Norwegian media have heard of, namely the retired US Army Colonel Douglas Macgregor, who in 2020 was President Trump’s nominee to become the US ambassador to Germany.

ZeroHedge has watched the entire interview and presents it as:

“If We Press This With Russia, It Will Reach Us Here In The US” – Col. MacGregor Tells Tucker Why The Ukraine War Must End Now

I haven’t seen the full interview, but from the article in Zero Hedge, I gather that I should:”

“Most American know nothing about Ukraine,” Macgregor continued, adding that “if they knew anything about the history of Eastern Europe, they would all say ‘get out!’… because the wars and the blood and the hatred that’s been fought over for centuries is something we can’t sort out.”

Macgregor’s comments grow more ominous in their tone as the discussion continues.

He notes that President Biden has enabled ‘combat pay’ which implies there are American forces on the ground in Ukraine.

“It would be a mistake to think that the Russian forces do not know where they are,” the retired colonel explains, pointing out that the Russians are sending a message with recent precision missile strikes near the borders of Poland and Moldova:

“if you think you can hide from us, if you come in here, if you cross these borders, we will annihilate you.”  (ZeroHedge)

Here’s the entire interview, with RFK Jr’s recommendation:

Indeed, Alf. R. Jacobsen’s latest and almost completely silenced book ‘Third World War at North Cape‘ of this spring (so far only available in Norwegian), no longer seems like science fiction.

It’s deadly serious, and we can all become losers!”

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