Politicians and the media think they have control. They have been appeasing muslims for a long time both economically and culturally. Thus muslims think that sharia will gradually be imposed on society through concessions. This has happened in a very short span of time.

In 2005/2006 Denmark bravely faced down the islamic world in a fight for the right to press freedom and free speech. 17 years later Denmark no longer stands up for free speech in the face of islam. The artist who drew the most famous caricature, Kurt Westergaard, is dead and buried in an anonymous place. He lived like a prisoner in his home for the rest of his life with a permanent ad hoc police checkpoint outside his house. His final resting place is anonymour, it would otherwise be vandalized. The people who crave that their own book be untouchable by the whole of society and the whole world, have no qualms vandalizing and threatening other people.

Authorities have adopted a passive response. The moment where they could have adopted an active stance has long gone. They are now only reacting to events, it be criminality og sheer terror.

The Danish politician cum lawyer Rasmus Paludan who has made a name for himself by burning the Quran, is now under protection by the Danish security police, PET. He is in hiding and will only enjoy their protection as long as he follows their orders. Whether you call it custody og prison the reality is the same.

Another islam-provocateur, the artist Lars Vilks, also lived as a fugitive under the protection of the Swedish security police. Two years ago he died in very tragic circumstances. He and his security guards were burned to death when their car veered into opposing traffic on the motorway near Halmstad and caught fire. The public still harbours doubts about the official version labeling it an accident. Muslims in Sweden were jubilant.

Vilks great sin was having drawn a small caricature of a dog with a human face and turban. For this he was condemned to death by radical islamists all over the world.

Official Sweden caved under pressure and Vilks’ death became a symbol of Swedish cowardice. Sweden is now joining Nato, bur there is no sign that their stance against islam will be more forceful. On the contrary: Quran in public.

The number of Muslims in Sweden is such that defilement of their holy book is met with counterprotests and they are loud. Thursday saw protesters who threatenes Momika with death.

This is the state of affairs in Scandinavia. Authorities can submit, men people will continue to protest.


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