Sweden is truly concerned about the safety of its citizens. The opposition demands to be informed about the situation, and the foreign committee in the Parliament (Riksdagen) is the most suitable forum. Säpo (the Swedish Security Service) can also participate. But what can the government do? What can the opposition contribute?

The fact is that official Sweden finds itself in a dilemma it has created itself. It has been building up over many years. Official Sweden seriously believes in peaceful coexistence between Islam and multiculturalism, including pride. The Quran burners are just catalysts for the existing contradiction.

Now, the Islamic world comes forward and tells Sweden: This is our house too! They mean it literally. – You have let us in, and wherever Muslims set foot, the land becomes Islamic. That’s how Islam works. But it is only now that Sweden is realizing this.

They have invited the Secretary-General of OIC (Organization of Islamic Cooperation), Hissein Brahim Taha. He is coming to demand results. OIC recently got the UN Human Rights Council to vote for laws that allow blasphemy. OIC does not hide its objective: a ban on insulting the Quran. They mean business.

It’s been just over a year since the Easter uprising when Rasmus Paludan turned Sweden upside down. He was here last and burned a Quran on January 21st. Since then, he hasn’t been able to visit Sweden.

But others have taken over.

Official Sweden does not want to admit that the enemy is within the country, that they have invited a large group of people who turn out to be a Trojan horse. The Swedish psyche cannot handle the contradiction, cannot bear the burden of confronting this conflict head-on.

The situation is not much better in Norway. Here, pride and Islam collide and cause politicians’ mental states to collapse. For the first time, they realize that June 25th was not a one-time event. The resistance is growing. What should they do? Embrace pride even more vigorously?

Both Sweden and Norway are looking into the abyss.”

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