Death counts were very important for government and public institutions during the Covid-19 pandemic and yet again death is being used as fearporn to scare people into accepting climate change, whilst sudden death, an increase in hospitalizations and an increase in diseases somehow never seemed to interest governments nor the public institutions. Why? Because it’s all connected to the “safe and effective” mRNA-products.

Dr. Peter McCullough, cardiologist and president of the McCullough Foundation, has yet again experienced censorship as the medical journal The Lancet removed a study written by Dr. McCullough and his colleague, within the first 24 hours of it being published. Dr. McCullough and his colleagues found that 74 percent of 325 autopsies of people who died after covid vaccination, were caused by the vaccine.

In this interview Dr. McCullough fills us in on the study, why it was removed and also what was found in the Danish study, which shows that the Pfizer vaccine was an experiment with peoples lives.

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