How come the Bidens (Joe and Jill) company «CelticCapriCorp» earned 9.1 million USD in 2017, the same year it was incorporated? US Analyst Charles Ortel has the explanation. Ortel is on fire in today’s broadcast, after attending the Congressional hearings last week.


If it hadn’t been for the fact that today’s host works with and reads, Geir Furuseth would’ve lost his ears listening to Charles Ortels damning revelations on the Biden Taboos. MSM all across the world is suppressing all facts which may in any way cast a doubt on Biden Incorporated.

Watch Charles Ortel’s powerful revelations from “The Land of the once Free”!


Tax Notes – Presidential Tax Returns (Click on 2017, then scroll down to page 11 and 12 on the PDF file)

Exclusive: GOP Lawmakers Question Who Gave Joe Biden’s Corporation Nearly $10M in 2017 (Breitbart)



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