Trump’s big mistake was that he was a threat to America’s many wars around the world. When he condemned the war in Iraq and said it should never have happened, that it was built on a lie, he crossed an invisible line. He could not be allowed to remain in power. Now he cannot be allowed to be re-elected. He must be stopped at all costs.

Representative Nicole Mace (R-Fl) believes his enemies dream of seeing him dead. Either by burying him alive behind the walls, or by physical elimination. Alan Dershowitz says his liberal friends in New York are openly toying with the idea of assassination. They have no problem with using the judiciary. Trump has long assumed a role in their imagination that makes him a psychological phenomenon. Trump Derangement Syndrome is a reality. Books will be written about the phenomenon in the future.

Robert Malone said of the Germans – Europe’s best-educated people – that they went “barking mad” in the thirties.

The same can be said about the liberal elite in the United States, which has liberal elite copies in all Western countries. They are possessed and there is no exorcist in sight.

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