In one day, seven people were shot in Stockholm. The violence has become a normality. Jens Liljestrand, assistant culture manager at Expressen, begins to wonder if he has been wrong, about everything.

But he says nothing about what he was wrong about. He keeps his woke uniform.

Liljestrand is a typical Swedish cultural personality and journalist who has praised multiculturalism and despised the racists and fascists in the Sweden Democrats. But now he has met reality at the door and he tries to explain this in a comment in Expressen.

Sommarlovet is here and in Sweden children are murdered. Read that sentence again. Murders with young victims and abusers have become part of everyday life, a tragic reality so shattered that it is hardly registered anymore.

From Swedish Wikipedia you can read about Liljestrand:

In 2001, he took part as a participant in the reality show Baren, where he performed in drag, among other things. He made his debut as a writer in 2003 with the report book Made in Pride.

He notes that the shooting in Farsta ended up way down on the front page. The police found 21 gun casings on the ground, a 15-year-old was killed. Nothing to see here, such things are commonplace in the multicultural paradise Sweden has turned into. Liljestrand feels uncomfortable.

“En skjuten till döds i Farsta – tre skadade” (One shot dead in Farsta – three injured) and then seven short rows, roughly the space one devotes to a half-sized sporting event.

Liljestrand is also an author, he published the reportage book Mitt ogland oss, with the lawyer Evin Cetin. They interviewed some gang criminals who got to see a TV debate between the then Minister of Justice Morgan Johansson and the Liberals’ party leader Johan Pehrson.

The two criminals sat by the screen and followed the two politicians’ conversation with increasing astonishment. None of the costumed gentlemen mentioned drugs in one word – literally, I’ve seen the clip myself, the word is never uttered.

The countless murders have become like a natural phenomenon in Sweden, writes Liljestrand. Like rain or thunder, something annoying you get over. But a rain jacket or an umbrella is no help against automatic weapons.

He considers whether Sweden must introduce longer sentences and let the parents bear the responsibility. But he only focuses on drugs, he is unclear about who is responsible for most of the violent crime. It is difficult to move out of his corridor of opinion, obviously.

He talks about Swedes who do party drugs. We have heard this before.

I hear people who are party junkies complaining that structural racism is never debated.

The “structural racism”. You almost feel sick. It is immigrants who rape Swedish girls and humiliate Swedish boys. There are immigrants who shoot each other in the streets, not caring if a twelve-year-old Swedish girl is in the “wrong place at the wrong time”.

Young criminals try to commit as much crime as possible before they reach the age of 18 and risk serious punishment.

Children who, in turn, are encouraged to shoot other children, or really anyone, in order to merit themselves and take a step up in the hierarchy before they turn 18 and can be sentenced to life imprisonment.

Which children are you talking about, Liljestrand? Where do they come from, really? He is not brave enough to grasp the root cause of the problem. Once again, the symptoms are attacked and not the disease.

But he is honest enough to write clearly that it is not the current government that is to blame for the problems that have built up over many decades.

On the other hand, I hear people who have been in power for eight years blaming the violence on a government that has been in office for eight months, a shamelessness so gross that it would be comical if it wasn’t about dead children.

After all, Liljestrand shows a reluctant will to form a clarification, even if he is of course walking around the topic.

II meet the accusation that it is only now, when the violence and the killing begin to bleed into the middle class, that the shootings are taken seriously by people like me (cultural leftists, the PK elite or whichever label you prefer). That accusation is entirely reasonable.

But dear Liljestrand: You are too late, your country Sweden is ruined forever, because of people like you. You can take the shame to the grave with you, and then I can hope for your sake that you don’t have any children who will live in the Sweden that you have helped to create.

In any case: If you want to correct a mistake, you must first recognize what this mistake consists of. Otherwise it will just be completely hopeless.

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