One of the great questions for our time will be: How is it possible that the proud liberal tradition on which the United States was built can lead to fascism? It can be compared to Europe’s most educated, cultured nation giving birth to National Socialism. It is not the brutality we are thinking of, but the quantum leap in values.

For Germany, the explanation for the breach is the First World War.

What is the explanation for America’s decline? It is more complicated. Managed decline is one element. The elite got rich by dismantling the industrial base of the United States. The country did not have steel to build tanks when Trump came in. This is the case in many areas: solar cells, electric car batteries, the pharmaceutical industry – the US left its fate in China’s hands.

The second factor is a hybrid Marxism that borrows elements from racism, polarising and dividing in the name of justice. Identity politics fuels victim mentality and hysteria of violation, and behind it stand the old men smiling in their beards.

Woke.hysteria began in earnest during the financial crisis in 2008. It was class struggle under another name, says Tucker Carlson.

For Diversity, Equity, Inclusion (DEI) and Equity, Social, Governance, (ESG) to become a guideline and policy for large corporations, someone had to want it. Someone with great power.

That monopoly capitalism and Marxism should go hand in hand is a historical anomaly (something that does not belong together, something abnormal), but that is what we are seeing: Socialism is for the rich. The lower classes experience brutal capitalism, says Victor Davis Hansen.

The amalgamation of impossible sizes confounds the traditional left, especially the one far removed from the United States. Those who in their youth read Paul A Baran and Paul M Sweezy’s book on monopoly capital are today on the side of global titans who cooperate closely with American intelligence and China.

Social media provided an opportunity for psychological warfare against its own population, something that the CIA, Pentagon, and Silicon Valley seized with both hands. They weren’t going to have a new Trump. The voters should learn who decides.

Therefore, the trials against the participants on 6 January are lessons learned. It is the culmination of an escalation in the power struggle between patriotic America and the deep state.

For this takeover to be possible, the press had to change sides and take the side of power.

The mainstream media in the Nordics and Europe in general have also followed. But as with all revolutions – pressure creates counter pressure – and the number of free media has exploded in the US.

The regime media defends and justifies everything the deep state does. Even when it passes judgments that might as well have been taken from Putin’s Russia.

On Thursday, it was announced that the leader of Oath Keepers, Stuart Rhodes, has been sentenced to 18 years in prison by judge Amit Mehta in Washington. Rhodes was convicted of “seditious conspiracy”, a charge that originates from the Civil War and has recently only been used against Al Qaeda and IS members. The prosecution tried to get it accepted in 2010, but the Ministry of Justice refused.

But now Attorney General Merrick Garland and his bureaucrats are rather promoters of the January 6 protesters being judged as terrorists, and that is what happened to Rhodes.

Kelly Meggs, leader of Oath Keepers in Florida, was sentenced to 12 years for “seditious conspiracy”.

Rhodes was not inside Capitol Hill, he was unarmed, attacked no one, committed no harm. Nevertheless, he has “waged war” against the United States, according to the judgement. He has committed thought crimes. That is what Joe Biden’s regime will now judge as terrorism.

It is logical. The Ministry of Justice called parents who objected to the sexualisation of their children at school “domestic terrorists”.

The Biden regime also gives money to a number of organisations that will hunt down hate crimes, including anti-Semitism.

But the Biden regime leans heavily on organisations that are anti-Semitic.

The democrats have weaponized thoughts and ideas and decide what is what, a typical feature of a totalitarian regime.

This way of thinking also has an impact in Norway. Jonas Bals was an adviser to Jonas Gahr Støre for a period, at the time when Støre wrote “In motion”. He has previously made a name for himself by wanting more class hatred.

Bals unreservedly buys the line of thinking that when Elon Musk calls Soros an evil man out to destroy civilization, he is anti-Semitic.

When I belonged to the left in the 60s, 70s and 80s, such thinking was called reductionism: It can also be called Mother Little logic. Since Soros is Jewish, any criticism of him is anti-Semitism. Another word for this is philo-Smithism. Jews cannot do wrong.

We strongly doubt whether this is Jonas’ point of view, but that’s where he ends up.

But Bals is only the extreme point of a way of thinking about Musk that the Norwegian media has sung about for a long time. As soon as Musk bought Twitter, the run began.

Then the alarm went off on the left. They have not only given up defending freedom of expression. They actively fight it.

It is an important border crossing, on the way to fascism.

Snorre Valen has been on this track for many years. He draws nourishment from these parallels and since history is repeating itself, he and SV’ers can defend ever more repressive measures. You don’t want a repeat, it’s called Never Again!

Another step towards fascism.

These leftists, of whom the Norwegian media is full, will never think of condemning what is happening in the United States with freedom of speech, political judgments, dismissals, and the persecution of political opponents from campus.

Another milestone on the road to fascism.

And how is it possible to vote for arms to Ukraine without looking at who you are on the side of?

We can recall a standard we had on the left in the 60s: Whoever wants to talk about the oppression in Russia must be willing to talk about the oppression in today’s USA.

Julie Kelly is devastating in her judgement:

NTB and the Norwegian media consistently do what the fascists in Washington want: Waggle for them, consistently call their opponents right-wing extremists. It doesn’t occur to them to ask a single question about a sentence of 18 years in prison for something that happened that you didn’t even witness.

The American right-wing extremist Stewart Rhodes has been sentenced to 18 years in prison for the Congress storming ID: 18205101
Stewart Rhodes, founder of the far-right group Oath Keepers, has been sentenced to 18 years in prison for inciting people to riot during the storming of Congress on January 6, 2021.

Rhodes’ sentence is the first of its kind. He is convicted of having been behind a several-week-long plot that ended with the Oath Keepers being at the front during the storming. The aim was to prevent the election of Joe Biden as President of the United States from being approved.

The sentence is the longest so far given after the attack. It is still milder than the US Department of Justice wanted. They wanted him to be sentenced to 25 years in prison and believe he still poses a threat to the country.

Judge Amit Mehta agreed to give him an additional sentence for acts of terrorism, which in itself sets a new precedent in the court settlement after the storming in which five people died. The Ministry of Justice has wanted to establish that the attack was not a spontaneous incident, but an action that was planned for several weeks in advance. Among other things, the Oath Keepers are said to have had teams in place in Virginia that could transport weapons into Washington D.C. if needed.

Rhodes himself believes that he is a political prisoner and that his only crime is opposition to those he believes are destroying the country. He points out that he himself was never inside the congress building, he claims that he never encouraged others to do so.

Another Oath Keepers leader, Kelly Meggs, is expected to receive his sentence later Thursday.

Here NTB’s duty manager sneaks in that the verdict sets a precedent. In any other country, 18 years for a non-action would have raised questions and exclamation points. “Guns in Virginia”. They left the guns in the hotels in Virginia – where they are legal – to avoid getting into trouble. Here you are being judged for something that could have happened and which the police informants tried to provoke. But the Oath Keepers didn’t bite.

These are methods Stalin would recognize. Place informants and whip up the atmosphere. Rhodes is sentenced for messages that the informants sent.

Here you crush people with the legal apparatus and no one in the press, no politician. Nothing Amnesty, protests. They want to protect Guantanamo, but right-wing extremists have no claim to legal certainty.

But Stewart Rhodes and the Oath Keepers are not a “threat” to the country or a “peril” to the “fabric of our democracy,” whatever that dramatic nonsense means. They are not “dangerous”—they are powerless, bankrupt, broken, isolated and ruined for life. They travelled to the nation’s capital to protest an election that by every measure was rigged to favour Joe Biden.

But Stewart Rhodes and the Oath Keepers are not a “threat” to the country or a “danger” to “the fabric of our democracy,” whatever that dramatic nonsense means. They are not “dangerous” – they are powerless, bankrupt, broken, isolated and ruined for life. They travelled to the nation’s capital to protest an election that was rigged in every way to favour Joe Biden.

Those responsible for this judicial murder, which currently includes 1,000 people with another 1,000 more, public prosecutor Matthew Graves leads us to believe, are what in Nazi Germany were called “vollstrecker”, executioners. Those who wore the judge’s robe and club are sharpshooters,

Now, the real threat are people like Matthew Graves and Amit Mehta—arrogant, unaccountable apparatchiks of a bloodthirsty regime hellbent on crushing political dissent in America. Wrongthink punished, federal law bastardised, evidence manufactured from harmlessness.

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