Kjell Ingolf Ropstad is ruder than bedbugs. He pushes two – 2 – Jews in front of him to secure halal food for hundreds of Muslims in Norwegian prisons.

In the newspaper Vårt Land, Ropstad (KrF) laments that inmates are not allowed to “practice their religion”. The case hinges on the fact that two Jews in a Norwegian prison do not receive kosher-certified food. Two? Yes, there are so many Jews currently serving time in Norwegian prisons. The fact that Muslims do not get halal food is mentioned almost in passing.

The case is not focused on the Muslim criminals, despite the fact that they make up a much larger group. Several hundred times larger, in fact. Why do Ropstad and Vårt Land focus on the ugly two Jews?

We know the answer. Because it is politically incorrect to tell the truth, to point to a major social problem: that Muslims are extremely overrepresented as convicts.

Ropstad is not stupid. He knows that it is a steep uphill battle to argue that Muslims should receive special treatment in prisons. Therefore he resorts to the short straw: the two Jews. Or was it the editors of Vårt Land who found it more opportune to focus on the Jews? Perhaps Ropstad and Vårt Land were in agreement though? We don’t know, but it doesn’t matter either.

The essential thing is to protect what is the pet peeve of both Norwegian politicians and the Norwegian press: the Muslims.

Why does Ropstad not state the number of Muslim inmates? He is, after all, desperately precise about the Jews; they are two.

That a Christian politician like Kjell Ingolf Ropstad uses two Jews as a crowbar for the food preferences of hundreds of criminal Muslims is shameful.

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