While NRK is making tear-jerking reports about the refugee flow to the United States, the government attorney in Texas, Ken Paxton, issued a press release about the catastrophic wave of illegal immigration orchestrated by the Biden administration.

NRK’s version puts the spotlight on the migrant with colourful images that show the challenges and suffering of the people at the border, and in typical style the focus is on the children.

Where are the children, where are the women, why only men? asks Graham Allen. (Norway in 2015?)

Correspondent Lars Os and journalist Marthe Knutsen are shown around the refugee centre by Aracely Martin from Opportunity of Hope. The former television reporter, together with her husband, has chosen to help migrants who enter El Paso.

Aracely Martin is probably a heroine in NRK’s eyes, but may just as well be part of a large network of non-governmental organisations (NGOs), many of which present themselves as charitable or religiously affiliated non-profit organisations, but which spend most of the money and their time helping illegal immigrants settle in the United States.

NGOs involved in human trafficking

Voluntary organisations in the United States receive private donations, but a good part of their money comes from American taxpayers – the authorities are hiding the true cost of the border crisis behind “charities”, writes the New York Post.

Document wrote in April about Florida’s state attorney general, who is demanding that Congress investigate the Biden administration’s – and NGOs’ – alleged involvement in human trafficking of minors in Florida.

American taxpayers should not be forced to pay for the mass removal of illegal immigrants just to fulfil the radical left’s fantasy of open borders, Mark Morgan and Mike Howell wrote in an op-ed in the New York Post.

Both work at the Heritage Foundation and during an investigation into NGOs, they found that many of these NGOs were the last link in a huge, transnational human trafficking operation.

At one end, the cartels promise that those who pay them to get to the border should be able to go wherever they want in the United States. At the other end, it is the voluntary organisations that make this a reality. Naturally, this only enables and encourages more illegal immigration, they write.

In December, Texas Governor Abbott called for an investigation into the role of NGOs in helping illegal border crossings into Texas.

The NRK activists are like the elite on Martha’s Vineyard

NRK does not care about the back side of the disastrous border crisis Biden has caused. After the day’s work is over, the correspondents can go back to their comfortable surroundings in the bubble they live in. It’s not their problem if America goes to hell faster than you can say Let’s Go Brandon.

In fact, the NRK activists are a bit like “not in my backyard” Martha’s Vineyard. The elite demand that the rest of America foot the bill for the massive disaster, but as soon as 50 migrants arrive in their playground, the tone is completely different.

Terrorists, drug dealers and violent criminals

In the press release, Attorney General Paxton wrote that the Biden regime’s efforts to maximise illegal immigration to the United States will destroy Texas. When Title 42 expires on May 11 and another wave of unsupervised migrants enters the country, the cost, crime and upheaval in the state will be enormous.

Every American should be shocked by the brutal reality of Biden’s immigration agenda, which allows monstrous gang members, terrorists, human traffickers, drug dealers, and violent criminals into the United States and shows that the president is willing to sacrifice American lives for his agenda, open borders:

The brutal reality of Biden’s immigration agenda should shock the conscience of every American. His policies allow monstrous gang members, terrorists, human traffickers, drug dealers, and violent criminals into our country and demonstrate that the President is willing to sacrifice American lives for his open-borders agenda.

All the states suffer from Biden’s border policy, and the whole country is already struggling with enormous social problems, but the NRK activists do not want to report on that. Governor Kevin Stitt of Oklahoma says:

Even some Democrats are brutal in their criticism of Biden, despite the fact that they themselves have supported Sanctuary Cities and liberal immigration laws, such as Mayor Eric Adams. New York is destroyed by Biden’s policies, he said in April.

Fuck off, we’re full. Don’t let them in!

Paxton writes:

– Furthermore, our public services, including overburdened schools, hospitals, and law enforcement, are saddled by the federal government with unsustainable costs as trillions of dollars are spent supporting illegal aliens residing in Texas.

Never in our history has a president worked so flagrantly against the interests of our nation and the safety of our citizens. Title 42 is set to expire on May 11, yet Biden has refused to implement the proven ‘Remain in Mexico’ policy or other sensible methods of deterring illegal immigration.

– Instead, he has introduced and continued destructive policies with the full expectation that the chaos will worsen.

Some of Biden’s destructive policies include the following:

Parole program that pre-authorizes large numbers of migrants to enter the country. Paxton writes that this is illegal.

A directive that commanded US Customs and Immigration Enforcement (ICE) to protect criminals from deportation.

Foreign processing facilities to expedite “asylum seekers” to fly directly to the United States.

Cooperation with voluntary organisations to guide illegal immigrants to the border.

Offering flights and other services to migrants paid for by taxpayers while our own citizens struggle financially.

Complicity in human trafficking of minors forced into dangerous jobs.

Black people in Chicago are bleeding in the streets!

One of the biggest damages of Biden’s border crisis is the effect it has on black Americans. It is nothing new that they are the forgotten group when it comes to illegal immigration, but with Biden’s focus on racial disparities, it is striking how this huge problem is being ignored.

A week ago it became known that migrants would be housed at the old South Shore High School in southern Chicago. The black community protested, and Natasha Dunn says it best in the video from Fox news.

It is a slap in the face that we as citizens of the United States do not have the resources and support, but you are going to bring people here who are not citizens of our society and who want to use our buildings, for which we pay taxes – and which you took from us. It is completely unacceptable. We are in a humanitarian crisis right now. Black people in Chicago are bleeding in the streets!

NRK would never tell the story of the blacks on the south side of Chicago. The state channel does nothing but preach about racial differences and systematic racism in the United States. Nor do they want to tell about the enormous social problems Biden’s border policy is causing, which will have irrevocably catastrophic consequences for the nation.

The activists in the state channel do not care. They are like the elite on Martha’s Vineyard.

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