We have just returned from founding a local team in Arendal and Kristiansand, full of experiences from beautiful landscapes to nice people. When we look at the quality of people who apply to Document’s local team, we have reason to be proud.

We get to hear many stories about the hidden life in today’s Norway. The worst thing is the divisions in family and relatives. It is those who are convinced that they are on the right side of history who are intolerant. One would think that they could afford to be tolerant, but this is not the case. The more power, the bigger the imagined majority, the more intolerant. There is only one answer.

This takes a toll on the people who are exposed to this pressure, which is constant from the time the children are young. We hear many stories of parents who can no longer talk to their children as their children look down on them. There is now a wall between them.

This will make you sick.

People who are lucky enough to have families who have managed to preserve traditional values – they exist – do not know the stresses that broken homes go through. The parent who wants to preserve the child’s integrity and independence faces a double opponent – both the school and their own family. It is a huge majority the likes of which we have never seen in this country.

Therefore local associations. To feel that it is actually us who represent the values on which the country is built.

There were a couple of teachers present who said that they had submitted an article to the teacher’s magazine about all the focus on pride. It wasn’t much, was it? It is a public school after all. But no, the answer was that these were irrelevant questions.

This is the case across the board.

They are stealing our children. Biden put it this way: Some people claim it’s their child, but it’s not. It is our child.

But the picture is not entirely dark. By coming together, we have our humanity and good will confirmed.

One of the participants in Kristiansand said that she had been to China in 2003. There she visited an underground church. She said it struck her when she came into the local team meeting that there was something of the same atmosphere.

In Norway in 2023!

Tell that to Vårt Land.

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