Not many people can enjoy the joy of reading their own obituary and with it get a glimpse into one’s own legacy.

Twice dead

George Soros is one of them. Twice he has been declared dead. The first time, Reuters itself stepped on the glue stick and was quick to publish a prefabricated obituary.

This was postal paper and Reuters was allowed to press the delete button and put it back in the drawer for long-awaited deaths.

But on the internet there is always someone who copies and ensures an eternal life for what has once been published. The Guardian made a case that the obituary had been mis-published and had been left for around half an hour before they lit the fuse.

Artificial respiration, indeed

A few days ago, Soros was again declared dead and this time it put a strain on the fact-checkers, who were in a hurry to breathe life into the man – and it seems that, at least for the time being, they are succeeding.

Soros’ latest death occurred in social media. Dying on Twitter doesn’t give you a long medical history, it happens very quickly there, but for that reason death is not necessarily painless, especially if the aftermath is to be included in the experience of one’s own death:

Here, Soros is referred to as one of the world’s most hated men.

How do you know if you’ve created a legacy before you die? Does the world look up to you or wish you would drop dead?

Billionaire freak George Soros is likely to die one of the most hated men. He is lucky he has lots of competition in Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab & Fauci #Soros

— jamiemcintyre (@jamiemcintyre21) February 17, 2023

If Soros takes the debatable pleasure of going through the social media’s mentions of him, it becomes understandable that he has allowed himself to rise from the dead again – hopefully to correct his legacy – if he cares at all. The tweet below indicates he has a job to do:

One of the most evil men in the world…..

Allegedly dead.

— Concerned Citizen (@cotupacs) May 15, 2023

Gateway Pundit writes that Soros’ woke left-wing agenda has contributed to the breakdown of law and order across the United States. He is known as “the man who broke the Bank of England” on Black Wednesday 1992.

The Guardian also highlighted Soros’ reckless gambling with the prosperity of entire nations in its mildly irritating article on Reuters’ prefabricated Soros obituary in April 2013:

He was known as ‘the man who broke the Bank of England’ for shorting the British pound in 1992. By forcing Britain to devalue the pound, Soros made more than a billion dollars. Soros Fund Management was widely blamed for helping to trigger the 1997 Asian financial crisis by shorting the Thai baht and Malaysian ringgit.

Open borders are part of The Great Reset and Agenda 2030. This is the plan of George Soros and Klaus Scwab to destroy America. Wake up!

— Papa Jon’s Podcast (@PJPfreedom) May 12, 2023

Reuters apologised in 2013 for its verbal killing of Soros. This time social media is hanging labels on them declaring the Soros era over. For those of us hoping to outlive Soros, it probably doesn’t matter whether he’s alive or not; his NGO financing of the migration from south to north will in any case destroy Europe both demographically and culturally.

There will hardly be any peace over his memory.

Elon Musk gets it exactly right about George Soros: “He wants to erode the very fabric of civilization. Soros hates humanity.” Journalists having hissy fits. They say Musk can’t say this b/c Soros is a Jew. For decades I’ve hated Soros. He’s deeply, deeply evil.

— Tim Bayly † (@tbayly) May 17, 2023

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