Document News proudly features Joyce Kaufman, a popular radio talk show host in South Florida with thousands of listeners. She’s part of a talented group of conservative voices on News Talk 850 WFTL in, South Florida’s premiere News and Talk radio station, including Dan Bongino, Ben Shapiro, Brian Kilmeade, Matt Walsh, Joe Pags, and many others. 

Joyce has an opinion about everything and knows what she is talking about. 

Ask her a question about politics in the United States. 

She’s got it. 

Even better. Ask Joyce a question about politics in Europe and the world. 

She’s got it.

We talk about her road from a liberal Democrat in New York to a conservative voice with no restraint.

We discuss the war in Ukraine, the evilness of the left, and her thoughts on Trump’s road to the presidency in 2024. She believes the former president is the only one who can save our country. 

She tells Europe to get their act together and wonder why does the United States have to be the savior of Ukraine? 

Joyce does not mince words. Instead, she brings up the elephant in the room about Jews being targeted and Islam. “There’s an open season on Jews” is not a fable. She’s an ardent defender of Israel and calls out the left’s demonization of the Jewish state.

Joyce shares fascinating personal stories about her grandchildren in California, the state she has labeled the Left Coast.  

Kaufman was born in New York City to parents of Jewish and Puerto Rican descent, yet she’s often portrayed as a bigot and racist by the left. 

Her knowledge is second to none, and her stories are amazing. 

Joyce hinted she would love to do another interview. We hope so. She’s a voice from America that needs to be heard in Europe. 


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