«Fake News?» Our regular guest, US Analyst Charles Ortel witnessed Thursday’s Congressional hearings on the «Weaponization of the Federal Government». Together with host Geir Furuseth, he will explain why everyone has to redefine that expression. Think for yourself!

The hearings got this response in The New York Post:


Norwegian MSM, with the exception of Document, had nothing at all on these hearings!

However, NTB, the National News Agency, found place for this piece of Trump bashing, Friday morning:

Screenshot: Norwegian News Agency (NTB)



This is how the hearings were described by C-SPAN:

The House Judiciary Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government held a hearing to examine internal Twitter documents concerning content moderation decisions made by the social media company. These documents were often referred to as the “Twitter Files,” and were made public in December 2022. Journalist Matt Taibbi and author Michael Shellenberger were among those given access to the documents. Both testified for more than two hours on what these documents contained, with a focus on alleged First Amendment rights suppression by Twitter. Lawmakers from both parties throughout the hearing engaged in tense exchanges over the content of these documents.

As for the Aspen Institute mentioned in one of the clips from the hearings, check our links below.

Charles Ortel had a first row seat at the hearings (as you will see in the show), and witnessing how the Senate Democrats tried to belitlle Matt Taibbi and Michael Shellenberger, he found himself thinking of the infamous Senator from Wisconsin, Joseph McCarthy.

Watch the show and hear Charles Ortel share his interesting analysis. And, do not miss how this match up with Seymour Hersh’s last piece on the “father” of the Pentagon principles in Journalism!

Think for yourself!

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