– It’s a sad and historic day, says US Analyst Charles Ortel on the Bragg & Brazen indictment of Trump by a County DA. The fact that it happens in a Country where the acting (in the true meaning of the word) President and his family are being protected by the Judiciary and the MSM, makes him even sadder.

The Biden Inc, the Clinton Graft and Foundation and Hilary’s deleting of 30.000 emails on her uncertified private server used while in office as Secretary of State, has so far gone virtually scot free by the US Judiciary and the MSM. The Trump indictement is, as far as we know, built on a case of a possible misdemeanor of paying hush money to what may have been his mistress, or not.

Clinton turned over about half of the 60 thousand emails that were on her server, after telling the State Department that the emails deleted by her lawyers — about 30,000 — were personal, involving her daughter’s wedding plans, family vacations, yoga routines and condolence notes. (CBS)

Watch and judge by yourselves. Host Geir Furuseth find this state of the US Republic worth a poor rendering of William Shakespeare’s famous words from Hamlet (hence the Title of today’s show):

MARCELLUS: Something is rotten in the state of Denmark.

And here we have the famous line. It’s worth observing that ‘state’, here, doesn’t mean ‘condition’ but ‘nation’ or ‘kingdom’. Something is rotten because ghosts don’t just tend to appear in normal times when everything is spiritually well with the kingdom. But more than that: for the ghost (or supposed ghost) of the late king to appear: something’s not right, and Marcellus, as a soldier and a sentinel keeping watch on the castle battlements, is trained and primed to know when something’s wrong. (Interesting Literature)

Indeed, something is rotten!


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