Biden Inc. is an old story, but it keeps developing at what might be perceived as ‘dangerous speed’ by corrupt politicians and press people around the world. US Analyst Charles Ortel and Geir Furuseth bring you up to speed on the latest developments. This is not fiction, even though your average MSM might want it to be.

Tonight’s show will take you from Washington DC and the latest on FBI , sorry, Biden Inc. to the upcoming Trump rally in Waco, Texas, to Cyprus and an incarerated trader of  arms, as the US Authorities claims. We believe that the arms in question are information.

Information is gold, especially when reported truthfully by independent media like Document and Crowdsource the Truth, and today we’ll also introduce you to a rather new channel, Just the News.

Of course Charles Ortel will share his latest take on the ongoing Financial Crisis, which he thinks we’ve just seen the beginning of. He will also give free advice on how ordinary citizens ought to do when the sh*t hits the fan.

If you wonder if we there’s any new news on the North Stream explosions, the answer is ‘Yes’!

Watch the show in its entirety to find out.

And, an an extra Bonus for Entertainment hungry weekend viewers:  We got news on Kamala and Michelle.

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