We are living in a dystopian hell, where all traces of history are to be erased due to the accomplishments of white men. Not even art, a cornerstone of our civilization, is protected from this vile act of demolition.

The National Museum (Nasjonalmuseet) in Oslo has consigned Christian Krohg’s famous painting of Leiv Eiriksson discovering America to the doghouse, aka the basement.

– The picture is a romanticization of Norwegians who left Norway for America. It is a colonialist image, says the department director Stina Högkvist at the National Museum to Aftenposten.

It’s funny, isn’t it? Or shall we say; tragicomic? God forbid that we display a piece of history through art, reminding us of a rough Europe, labeling it “colonialist,” while we ourselves are being colonized by the Middle-East. Both being endorsed by the same people, mind you.

According to Högkvist, consigning paintings to the basement is a way of modernizing the museum’s profile. The National Museum “want to challenge a standard that has historically been set by white, male artists.”

–  We are now showing more female artists, more Sami artists and more art by people who happen to not be born with white skin. We will continue with this, says Högkvist.

–  We must have a socially relevant, fresh look at art history.

A “fresh look” at art history? Really? Wokeism isn’t about creating the new, it’s about altering history to fit the dystopian hell they are trying to create for us in the present and the future, where for some reason mentally ill men appropriating women will be given the ability to carry children by stealing wombs from mentally ill women. Will such white men qualify for the Norwegian national museum?

We are talking about Norway’s national museum and to my knowledge, we didn’t have an abundance of “people who happen not to be born with white skin” back in the day, no matter how painful that might feel for the woke cult.

Why can’t we show Sami art and Norwegian art created by both men and women? Why does it have be one or the other? And why is it so important for them to qualify artists based on their sex and skin color? Dear leftist, you are constantly looking for racism, here it is! Go get them!

As part Sami descendant, I’m confused to why I have to pick one category by the way, in light of that we are told everyone is Norwegian, there’s no special qualification needed. Like that 28 year old Somali citizen, that sat fire to Dombås church and attempted to set fire to Sel church. He was portrayed as a local from Gudbransdalen, a generational Norwegian. He wasn’t.

This insanity tickles my mind, why is it so important to change history beyond recognition? May it be, that the few percentage that is resilient to mass psychosis, in the future might look back and recognize that people once embodied reason?

Norway is clawing its way to the top of the woke mountain. It’s in our genes to portray ourselves as moral overlords. We claim to be the greenest, most climate friendly country in the world, our politicians claim to be the best promoters of peace, even though the Norwegian NATO- chief Jens Stoltenberg is inciting towards Russia and feeding Ukraine with weapons, while kissing Erdogan’s shoes, supporting Islamic terror rooted in hurt feelings over caused by Scandinavian freedom of expression. We think we are morally superior to everyone, including our neighbor Sweden, who willfully demolish their own country to compete with us.

While Sweden altered the Pippi Longstocking books, changing the title of Pippi’s dad from negro king to king of the the Pacific Ocean, we went ahead and assigned characteristics to our historic painter Edvard Munch, portraying him as racist for painting Sultan Abdul Karem. This resulted in the exhibition “Give me a name,” a ridiculous cry for help from the public to change the names of his historic paintings.

Can Edvard Munch’s pictures of Sultan Abdul Karem help us understand our own prejudices? With this exhibition at Tøyen, we focus on past notions of ethnicity and race, and actualize the museum’s own role in light of our times’ questions about racism, identity and diversity, the Munch Museum flashed on their front page in 2021.

Abdul Karen with a green scarf. Photo: The Munch Museum

You can not cherrypick people, ideas, art and actions, remove them from their context and create a new reality. It’s the first lesson of the method of studying intellectual history. It’s ignorant, incompetent, utterly stupid and down right worthless, and the consequences of doing so, rips the foundation of our myths, values and common understanding apart.

Which probably is the woke overlords goal, in the end. Wokeism is a tool in the war against humanity, the reduction of us as creatures of God to slaves of the oligarchic One World Order. They have already imposed the idea upon us, that mankind is the enemy of nature, that reality is relative and that self-destruction is good, through the so-called climate crisis, alternative moral and trans activism.

You might argue that consigning Christian Krohg’s famous painting to the basement, isn’t a big deal, but it is. It’s about the intention and the consequences of altering past ideas, art and history all together.


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