Daily we’re all subjected to an array of disturbing and dizzying news. People are tired and bewildered, turning to drugs, influencers and anything but real news to avoid losing hope. US Analyst Charles Ortel and host Geir Furuseth offers you a different take on the news. Not all good, but enough to give people hope, we hope.

Both believe people are capable of sorting out their own problems, if only they knew where to begin, if only the media reported truthfully and remained loyal to the people, not to the elites who will do anything to hide the truth from the «deplorables».

In this show they will try to fill in some blanks, some gaps in the stream of news that engulfs us all. It’s our hope that this will make you a little bit wiser, a little bit more independent and not to forget, that it’ll give you all a ray of hope!

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