The left interprets the election result in Israel as the impending radicalization of Jews, with some dark subtext. Even Jews can succumb to the lure of the extreme right. The Times of Israel goes as far as to compare Otzma Yehudit to the Nordic resistance movement, a lunatic neo-Nazi movement with no traction. This shows how liberals can lose their mind. They no longer have a compass that allows them to navigate in a novel landscape.

The true importance of the surge towards the right is that ordinary Jews say to the government: You have proven that you are incapable of protecting us. We will try voting for those who promise to deliver security. The last government had an Arab List as part of its foundation. 77 percent of Arabs in Israel do not recognize Israel as the national home of Jews. What does this mean? It is not a rejection of Jewish particularism. It is not an embrace of a one-state-solution. If that was to be put in place it would be a bridge towards a country with an Arab majority and the Jews know very well what that means.

But the shocking truth for Europeans is that the same scenario is unfolding here. If you look at demographics Muslims will be a majority in the not too distant future. How will that affect the rest of society? Europeans look at present trends with regard to heavy reliance on state subsidies with little or no effort to secure a job. Muslims enjoy the fruits of the welfare state without having contributed to its financing. Their offspring do not integrate or if they do – on their own terms. In Denmark 77 percent of respondents in a poll done by Wilkes in 2017, said that they wanted to be ruled by sharia, not secular law.

The writing is on the wall.

Liberals reproach right-wing Jews for steering the country towards a two-tier-system. Arabs will not enjoy the same rights as Jews. For people like David Horovitz this means that Israel risks becoming a pariah state.

This is myopic.

The European countries that have allowed a huge influx of Muslims, like Sweden, will soon be in the same situation: Use the law discriminatory or risk a fragmented society that will be ungovernable, until Islam restores order on its own terms.

These scenarios are already playing out in Sweden, where the Islamic party Nyans had its debut in the last election.



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