Our friend, US Analyst and Investor Charles Ortel is back, albeit this time from abroad. From South East Asia he tells us how he and his streaming pal Jason Goodman from “Crowdsource the Truth” hit the news in the US this week. They’ve unearthed new material on the alleged FBI informant, Ray Epps, central in the storming of the US Congress on January 6th, 2021.

Here’s how the story appeared in The Gateway Pundit, on Thanksgiving Thursday:

Screenshot: The Gateway Pundit

The whole five hours of streaming may be watched in its entirety here (Odysee).

Listen to Charles story about Jason and his experience from Washington DC that day, and ask yourselves why outgoing speaker Nancy Pelosi (D) refused to heed President Donald Trumps request for 10.000 National Guard soldiers.

Based on this and on several other matters broached upon in today’s program, Charles Ortel strongly indicates that the once so proud and advanced US is looking more and more like a ‘tinpot dictatorship’.

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