Document News proudly features another interview with Joyce Kaufman, a popular radio talk show host in South Florida with thousands of listeners.

She’s part of a talented group of conservative voices on News Talk 850 WFTL, South Florida’s premiere News and Talk radio station, including Dan Bongino, Brian Kilmeade, and many others.

Since Document’s USA correspondent Elisabeth Rooney talked to her in March 2023,  October 7 happened, and Israel’s war on terror is a central topic in our interview with Joyce. We got to record her doing her one-hour show that day – and get glimpses of a woman with immense knowledge of world affairs who does not need a script or a teleprompter. She speaks from the heart.

We quickly learn that Joyce has warned us for over 30 years about what we see today. It was considered very controversial back then, and people did not believe what she was talking about.

Back in the 90s, she warned about a caliphate that would take over the world; she said the Jews are the canary in the coal mine; if they die – we all die. She wishes she was wrong back then but sees today that she was right – the clock is ticking.

We also discuss Norway’s roles in the war on terror Israel is fighting, how Joe Biden is handling the crisis, the rise in antisemitism in the US and around the world, and much more.

Kaufman was born in New York City to Jewish and Puerto Rican parents and is considered radical by the left. She started her career on a conservative radio station in Florida as the lone liberal voice. After a while, she found herself agreeing with their views.

Please join us in listening to a voice from America that has seen the writing on the wall long ago.

Joyce Kaufman: A Voice from America That Needs to be Heard in Europe – Document




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