This week Pope Francis graced the Clinton Global Initiative with a speech. His mingling with the Clinton Inc. speaks volumes of his irreverence of his followers in Haiti, but graft and greed is the story of the day in many places. US Analyst Charles Ortel and Geir Furuseth takes a World Tour in this week’s show.

A decade after a devastating earthquake hit Haiti, former President Bill Clinton and his wife, Hillary, the former U.S. secretary of state, are routinely portrayed in some quarters as the prime villains in the Caribbean nation’s continuing struggles to recover and the failed promise of donor assistance to help lift the ravaged country out of poverty.

It’s almost an article of faith among many Haitians that the Clintons somehow siphoned off billions of dollars meant to help clean up and rebuild. (

In late August Charles Ortel gave an interview to Russian Media, regarding the Clintons latest maneuvers on the World stage:

“For decades, the elder Clintons have not been able to resist milking purported charities for personal and political gain. A vivid example – ‘Clinton Global Initiative’ – was born in 2004 just around the time the Little Rock Presidential Center was opened to the public,” Ortel, who has been investigating the Clintons’ charities for around eight years, told Sputnik.

Carles Ortel and host Geir Furuseth elaborate on this and other issues from many parts of the world, with a healthy dose of history which always has a tendency to repeat itself.




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