Hannah Spier wants to shed light on the indoctrination taking place in the therapy rooms by psychologists.

We have published her articles on Document.NEWS.

76 percent of the 2,200 American psychologists who participated in a comprehensive survey state that they are Democrats, while only 7 percent are Republicans. 87 percent admit to discussing political viewpoints in therapy sessions. Hannah believes this affects therapy.

She is also concerned that so few include the whole family in the treatment of the client and address topics such as religion, God, or engagement in their religious community.

Hannah Spier is a guest with today’s host Trine Skarvang.

Hannah Spier, M.D., is a Norwegian psychiatrist based in Switzerland, the author of the Substack Psychobabble, and the mother of three small children. She has a degree in psychotherapy from the University of Zürich.

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