Monica Smit came all the way from Australia to Europa, bought a car in France and drove all the way to Oslo, where we met her. She is a fearless fighter for the truth to come out, and we spoke with her for about an hour.

How strange the world has become, an Australian comes to Norway to share something important: A fight for our political future, for freedom of speech, and yes, religion too.

Smit is a practicing Catholic, and she goes to Latin mass. – Latin is a dead language, they cannot alter it like modern language, that’s why it is a bedrock, and the same whereever I go in the world, she says.

Smit has a huge database, some 80.000 names outside Australia, and she visits people like a modern-day preacher. She had some 700 names in Norway and they turn up to meet her when she comes to visit.

Visit for details on Monica’s ongoing European tour!

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